RMB Tournament Rules


1. Rocky Mountain Bass (RMB) reserves the right to refuse participation in any RMB Tournament to anyone at any time. Participants must either be (1) age 18 or older or (2) part of a team where one of the team members is age 18 or older. Participants must be willing to provide an accurate current address and/or social security number. As a team tournament event, teams may consist of one or two participants per boat.

2. Specific rules for a RMB tournament will be announced at a pre-tournament meeting. RMB tournaments are live fish weigh-in contests for largemouth and smallmouth bass only. Each team may weight a limit of five (5) fish (except when regulations require a smaller limit). Each fish weighed must be at least twelve inches (12″) in length, mouth closed and tail fanned on a flat surface or it will be deemed a short fish. Short fish will be removed from a team’s limit and the team penalized 0.5 pounds for each short fish. Participants are expected to do their best to keep their fish alive. Teams will be penalized 0.25 pounds for each dead fish and culling of dead fish is not allowed. In the event of a tie, tie shall be broken by the team with the larger limit of fish, then by the team with the heaviest big fish.

3. Boats must be tournament ready and participants must comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Life vests and kill switches are required whenever the combustion engine is in operation. Boats must meet Coast Guard regulations and be deemed suitable by the tournament director. Boat owners must carry a minimum of $300,000 single limit liability insurance. Safe boating must be practiced at all times. Boats must contain a properly functioning livewell that is sufficient to maintain the life of the team’s limit of fish. Boat owners consent to inspections by RMB tournament officers. Boats are expected remain a safe distance from one another.

4. Tournaments will begin and end as announced at the pre-tournament meeting. Generally, fishing hours will be from safe light until check-in at 3:30 pm. You must be at the marina by the check-in time or you may be assessed a penalty of 0.25 pounds per minute late, or simply be disqualified at the sole discretion of the tournament director.

5. Only artificial lures are allowed; live bait is strictly prohibited. Fish must be caught in a sporting manner consistent with acceptable practices for bass tournament fishing. “Trolling” is not allowed. Any unsportsmanlike conduct will be grounds for disqualification at the sole discretion of the tournament director. Disqualification will result in the loss of any entry fee paid toward the event.

6. RMB tournaments have a limited field of participants. RMB tournament officers may be on the water and may approach, film, photograph, make an account of and observe any participant, team or boat. Participants consent to the use of any account, film, photography or observation by RMB for the furtherance of RMB tournaments and marketing.

7. Other documents pertaining to a particular tournament shall be binding upon the participants including waivers and releases, entry forms, promotional materials, etc.

8. Boaters must comply fully with regulations related to INVASIVE SPECIES. This means boaters must either self-certify or show proof of “mussel aware” training. RMB supports the prevention of the transportation of invasive species including mussels.

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